Musings on a quiet Earth Day.


One of the most healing rituals is cleaning the pallete after spending long hours on the canvas the previous day :). An accidental discovery unfolded the other day when I plastered-on the left over paint on a empty tea box, put aside as a ‘wannabe art supply’. Since that day, all left over paint is being used to create beautiful art objects, blessed with a new lease of life! One the right is a relief painting of ‘Charming mustard blossoms humming to the blue sky…’ painted on an empty peppermint box lid, which would have been tossed away. This beautiful piece can now hold the prettiest gift or maybe, just be one!

tinarajan-art-for-the-earth2I have a treasure of castaway keyrings. Some, with matter that dosen’t really mean anything to me… Featured below is one such keyring that captures my thoughts: ‘The sea is calling…’ The most interesting thing about creating these art objects has been that each one has taken less than a few minutes and has been done with just a pallete knife. I swear by simplicity, in thought, action and process. The simpler the process, the more meaningful the outcome.

My modest collection of pretty boxes, mini organisiers, and keyrings is growing (see image below) and I wish this inspires you too! Would love for you to share some of yours on our facebook page.


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