Sanjay Hegde
Senior Advocate of the Supreme Court
"Tina Rajan's work for us has been efficient and effective. She delivers professional results following a highly client-centric process notable for its flexibility, transparency, and--most critically--punctuality. We've appreciated Ms Rajan's proactive, on time and on budget delivery week after week. And our partners and beneficiaries have appreciated her excellent design outputs."
Naysán Sahba
Programme Communication Officer, UNICEF, New Delhi, INDIA
"We just received a beautiful present with your artwork from our sister. The minute she showed us the illustration it took us right back to our wedding day in Cambridge in may!This is the perfect portrait of that day. From the band to the dog and that garden which we still miss so much- its amazing. We really love your work!"
Alpen & Minu
"I was immediately impressed by her natural artistic abilities, her dedication and ability to meet tough deadlines and her unrivalled professionalism in every communication and every task presented to her. Without fail she continually accomplishes every task allocated to her on time and to an exceptionally high standard. When Tina takes on a project I know it will be done on time and to the highest professional standard."
Eamonn Darcy
The Caricature Shop, Perth, AUSTRALIA
"Tina did a fabulous job in creating caricatures for my entire team at GSK, while the resemblances with the actual persons was expected, what really stood out was the capturing of nuances for each and every character, which in addition to making each caricature distinctive also infused life into it."
Varun Chopra
Customer Marketing - India, GSK, New Delhi, INDIA
"It is a pleasure to work with Tina. She is very talented, quick, quiet and sensitive. She evolves excellent designs and is quick to grasp a concept."
Rajiv Mehrotra
Managing Trustee, PSBT, Trustee, FUR, New Delhi, INDIA
"Tina Rajan is creative and patient and has a fabulous sense of design. Her work is meditative and restrained and speaks several languages in synchronicity and harmony. It has been a pleasure to observe the growth of Tinatoons carefully nurtured and sensitively crafted."
Dr. Meenakshi Gopinath
Former Principal, Lady Shri Ram College for Women, New Delhi, INDIA
"We've worked alongside Tina for a number of years. Besides her obvious artistic talents, her ability to meet deadlines, redraft as necessary with the minimum of fuss, give creative inputs and maintain an international standard for quality make her stand out from the crowd."
Kalpesh Amin
Former Director, INLINGUA New Delhi, INDIA
"I approached Tinatoons to do illustrations for a client of mine, Tina was professional in every aspect of the design, Tina was on time and other than minor changes within the design process the client was extremely please to the extent that all future illustrations by this client and by myself will only be done by Tinatoons."
Barry Smith
W3 Web Designs Limited, United Kingdom
"Despite not being in the same country and working across different time zones, we found that she immediately got back to us regarding any requests or even the smallest of queries. She took time to understand our business model and offered great ideas and suggestions to improve or introduce new sections which was very refreshing. Her efficiency and professionalism is only matched by her skill and already my clients are saying they are spending more time on my website... We look forward to working with Tina again in the near future."
Sean Gerard
Managing Director, Maple Tree Media Pte Ltd. SINGAPORE
"Tina was referred to us by one of her happy customers. There are many artists around, Tina is particularly good, however, what made us most satisfied was her work ethic. We often require work urgently & need guidance of what will work well, Tina delivers. I have never met or spoken with Tina, if you listen to the experts, that's 93% of your communications lost immediately. Yet every time we approach her with a need, she delivers what we want, when we want it! Thanks Tina, you are most welcome to a sincere testimonial."
Kieron Darcy
CEO, Solar Unlimited, Perth, AUSTRALIA
"We have received many compliments on both the look and the way the site functions. In the US people pay vast sums and wait for long periods of time to get results much less interesting and sophisticated than what you have done for us. Additionally, you have been most accommodating in making changes. Without question, I would enthusiastically encourage others to work with you."
Linda Thornton
Principal Sales and Financial Manager, Thornfield Farm, Virginia, USA